Parade Rules

Rules for participation in the St. Patrick’s Parade – Scranton, PA

-As the submitter of this entry I will inform all of the participants of the following rules and regulations.
-We will be on time for the staging area.
-We will march in our designated spot unless otherwise told by the Executive Director prior to the parade or the Parade Director on the day of the parade.
-We will do our best to provide an entertaining, cultural, Irish and decorative entry.
-We will not promote any politician, political cause or election campaign.
-If we distribute premiums, or other goodies we will not throw them from our vehicle – we will hand them out.
-We will stay in our designated order until the targeted completion of the parade.
-We will not stop to perform unless the natural flow of the parade causes an opportunity to do so; We will consult with the Parade Division Coordinator if in doubt.
-During the parade we will consult with our Division Coordinators regarding any issue
-We will keep pace and distance between our unit and the unit immediately in front of us.
-We understand that inclement weather postponements will be communicated via Scranton area radio and television stations.
-We understand that alcohol is prohibited.
-We understand that this is a family orientated event and will act accordingly at all times.
-We will not make any direct solicitations to spectators for donations, employment, patronage or support for any cause, organization or business.